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Sriracha Challenge: 1 Bottle in 1 Day

Sriracha BreakfastCan you finish an entire 28-ounce bottle of Sriracha in one day? Check out this blog post from The Smoking Tongue where he attempts to do just that! Breakfast consisted of an impressive 11-egg omelet (but “only 5 of the 11 yolks to cut down on calories” — ha!) and a few left over potatoes, completely drowned in Sriracha as the picture shows.

"Sriracha sauce is the reason I began this blog. I’ve often gazed in the eyes of this rooster, wondering if I could eat the whole thing. One bad idea led to another, and the blog was born."

Check out the rest of his Sriracha drenched day and see if he somehow made it through. I LOVE me some Sriracha, but I don’t think even I could get through an entire bottle in a day! [Rooster Sauce Challenge @ The Smoking Tongue]