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Sriracha Bitters

Spicy Sriracha bitters for cocktail recipes

Kara Newman is quite the expert with spicy cocktail recipes. Hell, you could say she wrote the book on spicy drinks… um, cuz she did. (Spice & Ice…check it out!) And today, on her Twitter feed, she mentioned something grand: Sriracha Bitters.

Now, The Sriracha Cookbook features a few Sriracha cocktail recipes, like the "Bleeding Mary" and another developed by my dear friend Christopher Day which features gin, tomato vodka, cucumber, Sriracha, and orange bitters… but with the news of these Sriracha bitters, it looks like there’s some more heavy drinking recipe research in my future.

Check out Kara’s Q&A with the creator of Sriracha bitters, Mark Buettler. And do yourself a favor: order a bottle and order her book.

Q&A with Mark Buettler of Brooklyn Hemispherical Sriracha Bitters [Spice & Ice]
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