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Interview: Counterfeit Sriracha?

imageBig thanks to Rico Gagliano of "The Dinner Party" for taking the time to interview me about counterfeit Sriracha, after a recent post on Food Republic brought attention to a bottle trying wayyyyy too hard to look like the Huy Fong Foods “rooster sauce” bottle.

Had a great time tasting different brands, and explaining the differences between Sriracha here in the US and in Thailand.


Listen in:

You can also download the entire episode, or get the podcast on your Apple device here. (I’m on around the 25:40 mark)

Per “The Dinner Party”:

It’s hard to escape the red plastic bottle with a rooster on it; Sriracha is now a staple of cool-kid eateries everywhere. In fact, the condiment is so popular that imitators are springing up…in a bad way: the blog “Food Republic” reported they’d received a box of counterfeit Sriracha. To learn about why the sauce is so hot (in every sense of the word), Rico caught up with Randy Clemens, author of The Sriracha Cookbook. Turns out, there’s never been just one ‘sriracha.’

(Photograph via EatDrinkNBeMerry)

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